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Each year, over 500,000 wild animals are trapped, confined and forced to live and behave unnaturally to entertain tourists. Pledge to be an animal-...
Amazonian animals are being torn from the wild so tourists can take selfies for Instagram and other social media. Join 250,000 other animal-lovers,...
Posted on December 18 2017
Our research shows that when sloths are taken out of their natural habitat to be handled by tourists, it damages their health and mental well-being
Posted on December 04 2017
Our Wildlife Selfie Code campaign has successfully influenced one of the biggest social media sites to educate its users about how posting and sharing pictures
Posted on March 03 2018
Every time you choose responsible tourism, you’re ensuring a better future for wild animals. World Wildlife Day reminds us of the need to protect these
Posted on January 05 2018
We've been working with local schools in a popular destination in the Amazon, to highlight the importance of sustainable tourism for wildlife
Posted on October 24 2017
Hear about the investigations that exposed this new alarming trend in the tourism industry – with National Geographic reporter Natasha Daly and our global head
Posted on October 20 2017
For many people, wildlife encounters are an important part of our vacations. But many of these quick 'wildlife selfie' opportunities have a darker side.
Posted on October 04 2017
Our ground-breaking new report reveals the exploitation of sloths, caiman, anacondas, and more, who are used for tourist selfies across Latin America
Posted on October 20 2017
Footage from our undercover investigations shows a sloth being forced into a sack by illegal loggers after falling 100 feet to the ground. You can help end