Stop the madness

Every animal deserves a life worth living including tigers and sloths abused in the tourism industry. It’s now more critical than ever that governments, businesses and people come together to end the use of wild animals as entertainment, food, medicine and exotic pets. You can help stop animal exploitation.

Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. Together we can move the world to protect animals.
The global trade of wild animals is cruel and puts our health and the world economy at risk. Join World Animal Protection's global campaign calling on Canada and other G20 countries to ban the global wildlife trade.
Elephants used for tourist entertainment
COVID-19 has left captive elephants on the brink of starvation. Your donation will provide the food and supplements they need to stay healthy.
Wild animal ownership laws in Canada need to change
Help pass stronger regulations to curb wild animal ownership in Canada. Take action now by sending a letter to the Minister responsible for wild animal ownership in your province or territory.