Born to suffer. Born to die.

Right now, thousands of lions in South Africa are facing a lifetime of unimaginable cruelty. For the sake of a selfie or a promised ‘cure’ they are caged, abused, hunted and killed. This is cruelty, not conservation. Your donation today is urgently needed to ensure the lion trade industry is ground to a halt, and lion cubs grow up in the wild with their mothers, where they belong. Photo: Pippa Hankinson / Blood Lions

Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. Together we can move the world to protect animals.
Pictured: Tortoises are one of the wild animal species that PetSmart is still selling.
Reptiles and amphibians are suffering in the wildlife trade, yet PetSmart continues to sell them, supporting this cruel trade. Sign the petition urging PetSmart to stop the sale of these animals.
Pictured: An elephant kept in chains.
You can meet the most urgent needs of animals in 2021 by supporting our critical work during the pandemic. This includes our Building Back Better for Elephants project in Thailand that aims to transition entertainment venues away from cruel practices in tourism, so that captive elephants can live better lives.
A macaque at a market in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photographer Reference: Aaron Gekoski
Despite our global reputation for iconic wildlife, Canada is complicit in the global trade in wild animals. Our new report shares new details and what must be done now to protect animals and our health.