A bear relaxing in one of the pools at the Libearty Sanctuary.

Face to face fundraising

World Animal Protection is out in neighbourhoods across Canada

To help raise awareness and funds to end the exploitation of wild and farm animals, World Animal Protection has partnered GiveBridge, a face-to-face agency. Working on our behalf, GiveBridge representatives are on the street or going door-to-door in various communities in Canada to highlight the issues facing wild and farm animals and share how people can help protect them. 

All our representatives wear photo ID badges, a branded World Animal Protection lanyard or may wear a branded vest or t-shirt. They will engage in conversation, educating members of the community about animal welfare, the urgent need for support as well as ask individuals to consider making a monthly donation either by credit card or direct debit bank payments. They do not accept cash donations and will never ask for cash. 

Should a member of the community be interested in making a monthly gift, the representatives will collect their personal information* using a tablet. The first gift is processed immediately, and then their support is confirmed through a verification phone call with a representative at the support centre. 

How to identify a World Animal Protection fundraiser: 

  • World Animal Protection branded ID badge
  • World Animal Protection branded lanyard
  • Tablet with World Animal Branded dashboard and application page 
  • World Animal Protection branded pitch card with information about the campaign 

If you would like to confirm the identity of a fundraiser, please call the GiveBridge helpline at 1 855 654 4438.

*Note: all personal and payment information collected by World Animal Protection for the purposes of giving a gift is on a secure platform as we adhere to strict data privacy policies and are PCI compliant.

Face to face fundraisers in Vancouver

About World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is a global charity dedicated to improving the lives of animals. We’ve been campaigning for more than 70 years and working in partnership with governments, corporations, communities, other NGOs and individuals to develop long-term and sustainable solutions that end animal cruelty and suffering because we believe that improving the lives of animals also improves the lives of people and the health of our planet.