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Looking for something fun and educational to do with the kids? We've got animal activities for you!

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Explore the the animals listed below to find free kids activities. They include animal facts, mazes, origami, word searches, colouring sheets, and more.

Whether at home or at school, these activity books are a fantastic way to teach children about animals while having fun.

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Before giving this activity book to children, please review the content to ensure it is age appropriate.

A koala hugging a tree branch
A young chicken chick in the grass
A wild dolphin playing in the ocean
A wild elephant walking through the forest

Be an animal-friendly traveller!

Download your activity book full of fun, educational activities for kids. Learn about harmful tourist attractions and how you can help animals by making your next trip animal-friendly!

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Sloth, Colombia

Show your support for wild animals!

The Jane Goodall Act is working to protect over 800 species including great apes, elephants, tigers, and monkeys, from being taken away from their natural habitats or bred to live in unnatural places. Additionally, the Jane Goodall Act works to make sure that animals can only be held in captivity when it benefits them, not for entertainment purposes.

In other words, the Jane Goodall Act works to ensure that wildlife continue to live a wild life in their natural habitats!  

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Elefanten Lotus i BLES