Your support is making a difference for animals

You are making real and lasting change happen. It’s because of your commitment and belief that every animal deserves a life worth living, that World Animal Protection can find long-term sustainable solutions to stop animal exploitation, cruelty and suffering. From moving corporations like Carrefour to adopt better farm animal welfare in their supply chain to transitioning traditional elephant riding camps in Thailand to elephant-friendly ones to providing life-saving assistance to over 368,000 animals caught in disasters, you are creating a brighter future for animals. Thank you!

Good news stories you’ve made possible

Thank to you, you’ve achieved some amazing successes for animals so far in 2020:


Looking forward

While many good things for animals are happening during this unprecedented time, there is still much more work to be done, especially regarding the illegal and poorly regulated wildlife trade. With COVID-19 having originated from a wildlife market in China, it puts both animals and people’s health at risk. With that said, it takes time to bring together experts, meet with company and government officials, identify opportunities, explore solutions, share findings and ultimately put an end to the suffering of animals.

With your ongoing support, World Animal Protection plans to achieve the following:


For more information please see our vision for 2020.

Snapshot of 2019 successes

Last year, caring animal supporters like you helped protect over 20 million animals including:


Please keep an eye out for our 2019 Annual Report which will be available soon.

Thank you!