Your support is making a difference for animals

You are making real and lasting change happen. It is because of your commitment and belief that every animal deserves a life worth living, that World Animal Protection can find long-term sustainable solutions to stop animal exploitation, cruelty and suffering. Thank you!

Latest good news stories you have made possible

You convinced a zoo in Canada to permanently end elephant rides  

  • After years of education campaigns, direct corporate outreach, pushing for policy change and active media engagement,  African Lion Safari Zoo has permanently ended elephant rides. With your support, the push will continue to urge the federal and provincial governments in Canada to ban the use of wild animals for rides, circus-style shows and selfies at all zoos. 

You exposed Ethiopian Airlines’ role in cruel global wildlife trade  

  • Thanks to your support, the aviation industry’s role in wildlife transportation in West Africa was investigated. It was discovered that Ethiopian Airlines, the largest aviation group on the continent, is a major culprit for commercially shipping live wild animals around the world for luxury use as exotic pets.  

You moved the European Union to phase out cages for farmed animals

  • The European Commission announced that it would start the process to end cage use in Europe farms after hearing the voices from the 'End the Cage Age' initiative World Animal Protection helped to launch in 2018. It is estimated that this will free more than 300 million animals, including hens, chickens, sows and calves, rabbits, quail, ducks, and geese.

You called out South Africa to protect lions in captivity

  • Following the South African government’s announcement that they would put an immediate halt to lion domestication and commercial exploitation, World Animal Protection joined six other non-governmental organizations to propose a New Deal for wildlife intervention in South Africa. Evidence was provided to illustrate that public concerns and discomfort about the ethics of trophy hunting have intensified in recent years, and that there are also specific concerns over the negative consequences of trophy hunting on species populations, biodiversity, and wildlife conservation.

You called out the world’s fast-food giants on their treatment of chickens

  • The Pecking Order report shows which fast-food giants are taking action to improve chickens’ lives. You shared it and helped put pressure on KFC, Starbucks, Subway, McDonald’s, Nando’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Domino’s to do better. 

You rescued three captive bears and gave them a new home forever 

  • Three illegally captive Asiatic black bears were rescued from bear bile farming in Lang Son province in Vietnam. Thanks to you, World Animal Protection came together with the Animals Asia Foundation and Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) to rescue these bears and give them a new life in beautiful sanctuary run by Animals Asia. 

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2020 Global Review

The Global Review is full of amazing wins for animals you’ve helped make possible. You can read about successes from all over the world, including Canada. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to tackle the biggest issues affecting the most number of animals.

What you achieved for animals in 2020

Thanks to you, 224 million animals were protected last year. Here are just some of the amazing wins you made possible: