Meaningful birthdays

One great way to support World Animal Protection is to celebrate with a meaningful birthday!

ECHOage and World Animal Protection have teamed up to offer a new and exciting way to celebrate your child's birthday! The birthday boy or girl gets to choose any birthday gift he or she wants AND make a donation to World Animal Protection. This year, move your child to protect animals.

Noah helped raise $232.50 to protect animals!
Pictured: Noah helped raise $232.50 to protect animals!

Noah has ALWAYS LOVED animals! When asked why he wanted to give to World Animal Protection, he said "Because animals are sometimes in danger. They need help with food and stuff, like medicine. They can't do it, so we need to."

We would be happy to help you organize your own event. Please contact: 

Mario James, Development Coordinator
1 416 369 0044 x106 

Start planning your party in support of World Animal Protection Canada today!

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