Animals in the wild

Millions of wild animals are treated as commodities, ruthlessly exploited, and trapped in a life of suffering.

Our goal is to stop wild animals being cruelly exploited as commodities by changing the systems that allow this

At World Animal Protection we envision we envision a world where wildlife has the right to a wild life, free from cruel exploitation and thriving in an abundant, natural habitat that is humanely protected for the benefit of all.

Here’s what World Animal Protection is doing to achieve this ambitious goal:

  • Uniting governments and businesses to end the wildlife trade.
  • Moving the Canadian government to commit to curbing the commercial wildlife trade and to champion wildlife protection at global policy forums.
  • Working to stop wild animals from being cruelly exploited as commodities for entertainment, Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) or as exotic pets.
  • Providing funding to sanctuaries to feed and care for rescued animals like bears and elephants.

You can help stop the cruel exploitation of innocent wildlife, solve the root causes of animal suffering and move governments, corporations and people to end animal cruelty.

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Protect wild animals by advocating for change and by making wildlife-friendly choices

Use our advocacy tool to send an email to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, urging them to support this legislation and pass the Jane Goodall Act ASAP!
Bears at Zarnesti bear sanctuary
Use our checklist to help you know if the sanctuary you want to visit is a genuine one that puts the animals' welfare first.
Tourist petting a tiger cub
Sign the petition telling Groupon to stop profiting from wild animal suffering and adopt a public animal welfare policy that protects animals instead of exploiting them.

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