Pigs in cages on a farm

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Around the world, animals are suffering and need your help.

This is cruelty. You can stop it.

More than 50 billion animals like pigs, cows and chickens spend their lives suffering on factory farms. Donate today and you can help transform the food system to one that is humane and sustainable, to end factory farming, and ensure farm animals have good lives.

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Photo: World Animal Protection/Emi Kondo

End wildlife exploitation. Forever.

For millions of wild animals around the world, life is miserable. It’s a cycle of pain and suffering for animals used as entertainment, for Traditional Asian Medicine or kept as exotic pets. You have the power to help end the exploitation of wild animals.

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A pangolin in the wild

Photo: World Animal Protection

Become an Animal Protector

Every day millions of animals experience cruelty and suffering. When you give monthly, you'll create lasting change by developing long term, sustainable solutions to stop animal exploitation and give animals a better life.

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A lion roaring

Photo: World Animal Protection / Aaron Gekoski