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Born to suffer. Born to die.

Thousands of lions in South Africa need your help. Every moment of their lives, from birth to death, is exploited for financial gain, human entertainment or traditional medicine. Make a donation today to end the cruel exploitation of lions.

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A lion and tiger cub at an undisclosed venue in South Africa offering petting and interaction with big cats. Venues like this sometimes have industrial scale pens of larger, young lions and tigers mixed together. These are cubs that have grown too big for the visitor petting experiences. They are likely to become targets for canned hunting, with their bones then being used in traditional medicine. Credit Line: Pippa Hankinson / Blood Lions
Photo: Pippa Hankinson / Blood Lions

Animals need you in 2021

Around the world, animals continue to suffer. Whether it is a kangaroo left in the ash that was her home, a piglet suffering from being mutilated on a factory farm, or a lion forced into a life of entertainment. You can ensure that urgent funding is there when animals need it most by renewing your support with a donation today.

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Pictured: One of the rescued elephants at high-welfare venue Following Giants.

Help end animal exploitation

You have the power to stop the cruelty and help wild animals lead safe, natural lives. Your gift will support our fight to end the cruel wildlife trade.

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