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Around the world, animals are suffering and need your help. Donate to one of our campaigns today:

Double your impact for elephants

Bound. Beaten. Broken. Elephants in captivity suffer immensely for the entertainment of humans. Donate today and your gift will be matched for double the impact. You will help transform tourism to be elephant friendly, while providing formerly abused elephants with the care, food and environment they need to thrive. 

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About 6 weeks after being separated from her mother, OonBoon (2 year old femaile) enters the crush and spends three days in the box.
Photo: Lucas Ninno via Getty Images

On Giving Tuesday, double your impact for farm animals

Caged. Mutilated. Distressed. 50 billion farm animals endure extreme and needless suffering. This Giving Tuesday, make a gift to improve pig welfare and lives of farm animals and it will have twice the impact!

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Piglet behind metal bars on a factory farm

Urgent: Brazil’s wildlife threatened by fires

Wildfires are currently blazing across two of Brazil’s most biodiverse regions, Pantanal and Cerrado, incinerating everything in their path. Wildlife are being annihilated by the millions! The horrifying part of this emergency is that it is no accident. Many of the fires have been set deliberately by the factory farming industry. Will you help save the animals?

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Pantanal's Deer amid flames of a forest fire in Pantanal wetlands. Photo credit: Lucas Ninno via Getty Images
Photo: Lucas Ninno via Getty Images

Bears need you to act now

Instead of being able to spend their days climbing trees and foraging for food, bears who are exploited for their bile spend every moment of every day in tiny cages. They are often left wounded from the extraction of their bile from their gall bladders through syringes or catheters, and from repeatedly hitting themselves against the bars out of frustration. Help end their suffering.

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Cam the bear rescued from bear bile farm Nguyen Van Tuyen

Terrorized, abused and starved

From the time they are poached from the wild, to either their death or release – every waking moment for a bear who suffers in the sport of bear baiting is filled with terror and pain. Your donation today can help put an end to bear baiting and care for surrendered bears. 

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4-year old female asiatic black bear arriving at Balkasar sanctuary in July 2020
Photo: BRC

Lockdown for life

This June when you donate to help end their agony, your gift will have twice the impact as it will be matched by a generous donor to put an end to cruel venues and promote dolphin friendly tourism in the wild.

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Delfinattraktion i Mexico

She deserves better

Caged, mutilated, and transported up to 28 hours without rest or water. Donate today and you can help transform the food system to one that is humane and sustainable, to end factory farming, and ensure farm animals have good lives in Canada.

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Pictured: Mother pigs confined to a gestation crate.

Animals need you in 2021

Around the world, animals continue to suffer. Whether it is a kangaroo left in the ash that was her home, a piglet suffering from being mutilated on a factory farm, or a lion forced into a life of entertainment. You can ensure that urgent funding is there when animals need it most by renewing your support with a donation today.

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Pictured: One of the rescued elephants at high-welfare venue Following Giants.

Help end animal exploitation

You have the power to stop the cruelty and help wild animals lead safe, natural lives. Your gift will support our fight to end the cruel wildlife trade.

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