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As an Animal Protector, you are side by side with animals when they need you the most. Your monthly commitment to animals means that every day you are stopping cruelty before it starts and giving animals the life they deserve.

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How your monthly gift changes lives

You have the power to stop the cruelty and help vulnerable animals like Roxana lead safe, natural lives.

Roxana at Libearty sanctuary

Roxana was rescued after spending 12 miserable years confined in a small cage at the Bârlad Zoo in Romania. When she was younger, she was placed in an enclosure with three other bears but was bullied by one of them. After living in fear, she was confined to a small cage instead where her mental health suffered tremendously. Thanks to Animal Protectors she’s now recovering at our partner Libearty Bear Sanctuary. When she arrived at her new home, Roxana was nervous and traumatized from living in captivity. Over time she’s began to come out of her shell and isn’t pacing in stress circles as much as she used to. Surrounded by the lush sanctuary forest, she now lives in peace, eating apples and taking dips in the pool.

Real impact for animals

Every animal deserves a life worth living. As an Animal Protector, you’ll transform entrenched global systems that cause immense suffering to animals. By addressing the root causes of animal suffering, you will make the biggest difference for the greatest number of animals. 

By their side you will:

  • Unite governments, organizations and nations to ban the global wildlife trade to end the suffering of wild animals and protect people.
  • Help end factory farming.
  • Help stop wild animals from being exploited for the sake of entertainment, medicine, food or as exotic pets.
  • Provide funding to sanctuaries to feed and care for rescued animals like bears and elephants.

Pigs at a high welfare farm

Be their voice by giving a monthly gift with lasting impact

$50 a month for a year:

  • Can influence governments and businesses to unite and ban the wildlife trade permanently.

$35 a month for a year:

  • Keeps the pressure on big food brands to end factory farming.

$20 a month for a year:

  • Provides vet care and 2 weeks’ worth of food for one rescued bear like Roxana.

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As an Animal Protector, you’ll receive:

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Accountable to you

World Animal Protection strives to ensure every dollar you give is building strong global animal protection programs and a healthy future for the world's animals.

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Stand side by side with animals when they need you the most

By giving a voice to the voiceless, your monthly support will create lasting change by developing long term, sustainable solutions to stop animal exploitation and give animals a better life.

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