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Send an e-letter to African Lion Safari urging them to stop offering elephant rides and shows because it is cruel and dangerous.

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Add your voice to our petition and help us move seafood companies to tackle the ghost gear problem and do more to protect ocean animals.

Animals are poached from the wild so tourists can take selfies. Commit to our Wildlife Selfie Code today and help filter out this cruelty.

No wild animal should be abused for entertainment. Stand with us against wildlife cruelty in tourism.

Here are simple, practical steps you can take when travelling to prevent animals from suffering.

Your choices when shopping for food can make a real difference in the lives of farm animals. Find out what you can do.

Learn about our campaign to end the suffering of factory-grown chickens globally.

Get our checklist so you can make sure you are ready to protect your pets during floods and other disasters.

Learning about responsible pet ownership and taking care of the animals around you is a direct action to protect animals.

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