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Take action today by signing our petitions and pledging to make animal-friendly choices.

Changing the world, together

Petitions take just seconds to support and can be incredibly powerful. Here are just some of the things our incredible supporters have helped us achieve:

  • 558,000 supporters moved TripAdvisor and more than 200 other travel companies to end their promotion of cruel elephant attractions.
  • 513,000 supporters moved KFC to improve chicken welfare in the United Kingdom and six European countries.
  • 188,000 supporters moved Turkish Airlines to stop transporting African grey parrots out of the Congo.
Shopper choosing eggs at grocery store
Get your free food labelling guide to help you make informed choices and support good animal welfare.
Elefantes carregam turistas pelas ladeiras de Amer Fort, na Índia
Elephants can't wait. Sign our petition urging the Government of Rajasthan to stop using the elephants at Amer Fort for human entertainment.
A lizard kept in a tank as a pet
Use our advocacy tool to send an e-letter directly to Mr. Persinger’s inbox, urging him to end the sale of reptiles and amphibians in PetSmart stores.
Join World Animal Protection's global campaign calling on Canada and other countries to ban the global wildlife trade.
Wild animal ownership laws in Canada need to change
Take action now by sending a letter to the Minister responsible for wild animal ownership in your province or territory.
Chicken in a high welfare farm
Chickens used by KFC Canada need your help! Sign the petition and tell KFC to do better by chickens.

Pledge to help animals

Protect animals by pledging to make a change for animals in your day-to-day life.

Don't get taken for a ride
Pledge to stop the abuse suffered by elephants exploited for entertainment.
Elephants giving a performance in front of a large crowd of tourists at a wildlife venue in Thailand
Stand with us in asking the travel industry and governments to end the exploitation of wildlife.
African grey parrot - Wildlife. Not pets - World Animal Protection
Looking to buy a wild animal as a pet? Hopefully we can change your mind.
Sign the Wildlife Selfie Code
Commit to our Wildlife Selfie Code today, and help filter out cruel wildlife selfies.

Other ways to protect animals

Protect animals by staying informed, planning ahead, and making simple changes to your day-to-day life.

Three elephants in Kruger National Park, South Africa.
Here are some tips to ensure your trip is animal-friendly.
Bears at Zarnesti bear sanctuary
How to know if the sanctuary you want to visit is a genuine one that puts the animals' welfare first.
Ask yourself these questions to avoid cruel attractions.
Choisissez bien vos œufs
Use our guide to help you understand labels on animal products and how that relates to animal welfare.
Thank you for protecting your pet
Get our checklist to help you make an emergency preparedness plan for your pet.
Pet care
Learn about responsible pet ownership and taking care of the animals around.
Ball python. iStock
Learn what these terms mean and how to tell the difference.
Elephant at a higher welfare venue - World Animal Protection - Wildlife. Not entertainers
Use our simple guide to choose venues that prioritize elephant welfare.