Ways to give

Please consider these ways to give to protect animals

Starved, abused and exploited. These vulnerable young animals desperately need your help to protect them. Your gift will help them live safe, natural lives, donate now.

Become an Animal Protector (formerly the Animal Rescue Team) with an automatic monthly gift to protect vulnerable animals worldwide

Ready to stop animals suffering? Your gift today will help us end the needless suffering of animals around the world.

Shop for meaningful symbolic gifts that make a difference for vulnerable animals.

Adopt today and transform a bear’s life. Protect vulnerable bears from cruelty and give them sanctuary.

Your commitment to animal protection is clear, appreciated and can continue long into the future—with some simple planning.

By joining The Protector's Circle, you will provide long-term, sustainable change for animals globally.

Discover how you can protect animals with every purchase.

Workplace giving is an easy way to help animals in need and promote World Animal Protection as your favourite animal welfare organization

World Animal Protection is seeking corporate partners to help move the world to protect animals and help put an end to animal cruelty

One great way to support World Animal Protection is to celebrate with a meaningful birthday. You won't believe how easy it is!

You can turn your vehicle donation into a generous gift to support World Animal Protection's program work.

Have you seen World Animal Protection representatives on your street?