A pig in a factory farm and a pangolin in a cage

Our work

We address the two biggest causes of animal suffering today – industrial farming and the commercial wildlife trade.

The health and well-being of animals, people and the planet are interconnected. By addressing the root causes of animal suffering, we can make a profound difference in the world.

Our goals are to give wildlife a wild life and to build a sustainable, equitable, and humane food system that puts animal welfare at the heart of it.

For over 70 years, we have been at the forefront of animal welfare and protection, incorporating evidence-based approaches that reflect the latest advancements in our understanding of animals.

1.6 trillion wild animals

At least 1.6 trillion wild animals suffer through people’s actions every year. Most are exploited at an industrial-scale for entertainment, pets, fashion and trinkets that nobody needs.

70 billion farm animals

More than 70 billion land-based farm animals are consumed annually. Most are cruelly confined to industrial, low-welfare systems.

Our approach

World Animal Protection staff in front of PetSmart with a petition

Advocacy and policy change:

The biggest changes for animals happen through improving laws and policies. We use advocacy to transform the world for animals. We collaborate with governments, intergovernmental organizations , businesses and mobilize people to drive policy change and enact stronger animal welfare regulations on a global scale.

World Animal Protection staff with piglets in the background

Research and collaboration:

Our innovative research informs all of our work, from refining animal welfare solutions to growing people’s understanding of their sentience. We build collaborative partnerships with governments, non-profits, businesses and communities to amplify our impact and promote transformation through shared knowledge.

World Animal Protection staff assisting with animal rescue and rehab in Brazil

Supporting rescue and relief efforts:

We specialize in providing support to animals in need, whether they are captive wildlife, farm animals or those affected by climate-related disasters. Our work ranges from liberating bears and elephants from lives of suffering to responding rapidly to climate-related catastrophes, like wildfires and floodings and always holding those responsible to account.

Our areas of work


Wildlife has the right to a wild life, with animals free from any form of cruel exploitation and thriving within abundant natural habitat that is humanely protected, for the benefit of all.

Farmed animals

Our global food production is pushing us to a tipping point. Each year, we farm 70 billion animals for food globally, and tragically, two-thirds of them are raised on factory farms.

Animals affected by disasters

For over half a century, World Animal Protection has been a beacon of hope, saving countless animals from the brink of disaster. But we recognize that to create lasting change, we must address the root causes of these crises.

A monkey in a cage


Our comprehensive reports library serves as a repository of knowledge, driving informed action and policy changes for the betterment of animal welfare worldwide.

Our impact

Happy Elephant Valley venue

Your support is making a difference for animals

Impact for animals

Because of you, we can tackle some of the most pressing issues in animal welfare and bring about substantial improvements in their lives. Thank you for standing with us in this crucial mission.

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