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Posted on May 20 2016
After hearing about our call to TripAdvisor to stop profiting from wild animal abuse, City Discovery took the initiative and stood up for wildlife themselves.
Posted on January 11 2019
The rescue of over 20 wild animals, including sloths and a manatee was carried out by Peruvian authorities and Entropika after we sounded the alarm.
Posted on May 25 2017
An elephant ride or animal show is still a holiday dream for many tourists travelling to Asia. But the reality is a nightmare of abuse for elephants trapped in
Posted on July 29 2019
Earlier this month, we asked our wonderful supporters to join us in asking African Lion Safari, as well as the Ontario government, to end elephant rides and
Posted on September 06 2019
World Animal Protection works around the globe to protect wild animals like tigers, and keep them in their natural habitats instead of allowing them to be
Posted on September 20 2016
In a significant step towards ending the cruel abuse of elephants in the tourism entertainment industry, more than 100 travel companies have committed to stop
Posted on September 12 2019
Bill S-203 went through more than three years of significant debate, but science was on our side, and together we demonstrated that Canadians are against
Posted on March 15 2019
This is big! Dolphin Marine Conservation Park (formerly known as Dolphin Marine Magic) in Australia announced yesterday that it will end captive breeding
Posted on May 12 2017
Beautiful Lotus, Wassana and Pang Dow show us the meaning of sisterhood
Posted on May 07 2019
We all love elephants and many of us have experienced an elephant ride or show as a tourist