Urge your municipality to adopt our roadside zoo resolution


Help us mobilize municipalities to fix the dangerous captive wildlife regulatory patchwork in Ontario once and for all.

Animals kept at roadside zoos are typically forced to live in small, ramshackle cages that offer little more than a water bowl, food bowl and a shelter box to sleep in. Due to small enclosures, many must eat and defecate in their own living space. There are many other animal welfare problems, including highly social animals living in solitary cages where they suffer from extreme loneliness.

The wild animals in roadside zoos often experience severe and pervasive psychological distress due to the inadequate conditions.

A wild cat confined to a small enclosure at a roadside zoo in Ontario.

Ontario ranks dead last in Canada when it comes to ensuring proper care of captive wildlife.

A report card of Canada's zoo regulations

We need to continue building pressure to get the provincial government to commit to close roadside zoos once and for all. For this reason, we are mobilizing Ontario’s municipalities to take a stand on captive wildlife issues in the province.

Urge your mayor and municipal councilors to adopt our resolution calling on the Ontario government to implement provincial regulations to restrict the possession, breeding, and use of non-native wild animals along with the mandatory licensing of zoos. 

  1. Download the resolution and briefing note below. 
  2. Find your local municipal representative and their contact details. Visit your municipality website for easy access or use the following search terms [name municipality] and councilor email.  
  3. Email your representative the resolution and share why it’s important to you. 
A captive monkey in a roadside zoo
View the resolution: Provincial regulations needed to restrict keeping of non-native (“exotic”) wild animals
A captive jaguar in a roadside zoo
View the briefing note: Ontario's roadside zoos (English)
A captive bear at Marineland
Consultez la note d'information : les zoos amateurs de l'Ontario (Français)

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