5 ways you’ve helped cats in need


Cats have been our companions for centuries and more than seven million are loved in homes across Canada.

This International Cat Day, we’re remembering a few of the ways you’ve helped cats in need

This International Cat Day, we’re remembering a few of the ways you’ve helped cats in need;

1. Earlier this year, floods and landslides hit parts of Sri Lanka. Our disaster response team were on the ground to provide support and assess the animal welfare needs including this stray cat pictured in Malabe, a suburb of Colombo.

Helping thousands of animals after floods and landslides hit Sri Lanka

2. In early 2016, an earthquake struck the west coast of Ecuador. It caused widespread damage and a state of emergency was declared. We provided funding for food and vet care and training on animal management in disasters. Leonardo's house collapsed and he was concerned about his kittens Alejandra and Lucia (pictured). Our partners Fundación Rescate Animal Ecuador were able to look after the cats for him and he was on his feet again. 

Updates from Ecuador as we help thousands of animals injured by earthquake

3. Our disaster response team was on the ground after Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu in March, 2015. We were able to help animals affected by the cyclone including Crystal the kitten who was treated for a broken leg she sustained during the storm.  

Delivering lifesaving food and protection for up to 30,000 animals in Vanuatu

4. Ahead of the Rio Olympics Games we supported plans for stray animals during the construction and management of the Olympic sites. During the Games, we worked with local organisations like Dr. Alessandra CITAVET to rescue and care for stray cats and dogs.

Dado Galdieri

Rio 2016: Rescuing over 100 cats from Maracanã Stadium

5. In April 2017, following heavy rains, many parts of Peru were affected by floods and landslides. We worked with local organisations and municipalities in the Piura region (northern Peru), to provide much needed food and vet care to 11,000 of the most vulnerable pets and farm animals.

International Cat Day 2017

World Animal Protection / Ernesto Benavides / AFP

Thanks to you, we are moving the world to protect animals!