Why are dogs culled?

Stray dogs can cause problems in communities. They can pose a threat to public health by spreading rabies and other diseases or they may behave aggressively towards people.

But instead of examining the root causes of stray dog populations, such as irresponsible ownership and overbreeding, some governments look to culling or mass killing as a quick-fix solution. Dragged through the streets, electrocuted, poisoned or gassed – culling is nearly always a horrendous and painful death.

The solution

  • Through mass dog vaccination, we will protect both dogs and people from this killer disease.
  • Address the source of the stray dog population, rather than culling as a means of population control.

What we're doing

  • Vaccinating hundreds of thousands of dogs around the world.
  • Proving that each vaccinated dog is protected from rabies – either with a collar, non-toxic paint or a certificate.
  • Advising governments to manage their stray dogs humanely – instead of using cruel culls.
Some dogs are captured with tongs, then dragged away and injected with poison

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Protect dogs from culling in the name of rabies

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Dogs – like all animals – have a right to live without suffering. So we work with governments and communities to manage dog populations humanely. And we help people learn how to look after dogs responsibly. We do all of these things to stop millions of dogs being culled without reason every year – and to help communities and dogs live together healthily and without fear.

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