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We are all part of a shared world – human, animal and planetary health are connected.

We all play an important role in keeping the planet healthy and we all feel the impact when that interconnection is ignored. The climate crisis is the clearest example of how our impact as humans, consumers and voters can be felt on the natural world. For example, factory farming is a notorious contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Sadly, that’s not the only example. Right now, we’re living through a pandemic, ultimately caused by a virus jumping from wild animals to people.

What we do in our everyday lives, through the choices we make has an impact. How well this interdependence thrives relies on all of us doing our part.

Here are some things you can do right now!

Pictured: Two dogs we helped at a pop-up clinic.
Climate change is causing natural disasters to become more powerful and more frequent but there is power in being prepared. Our checklist will get you and your pet prepared in case of a disaster.
Whether it’s superbugs potentially being created on factory farms, pandemics, or demand for meat contributing to emissions, it’s time to understand that how we treat animals impacts our health.
Civet Market
The global trade in wild animals is cruel and puts us at risk of pandemics. Add your powerful voice to our campaign urging the Canadian government to curb the commercial wildlife trade.

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