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When it comes to choosing the food we eat, the countless labels don’t always make it easier. At World Animal Protection, we’re committed to the humane treatment of farm animals and helping you understand exactly what that means. With your help, we can ensure animals live better lives so we all get to choose humanely raised food at the grocery store.

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Shop better, eat better
Choosing to eat less meat and higher welfare products is better for animals, people, and the environment. Use our guide to decode food labels at the grocery store.
A piglet in a factory farm, standing on green slatted flooring
Intensive animal agriculture (aka factory farming) has led to a broken food system. Animal suffering, superbugs, and zoonotic diseases are all symptoms.
Chicken in a high welfare farm
Companies have a major influence and they need to know that people want high welfare. Add your powerful voice to our campaign urging KFC Canada to sign onto the Better Chicken Commitment.

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