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At World Animal Protection, we’re working toward a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. To achieve it, we do everything we can to give animals a better life, here in Canada and around the world.

The change we make for animals is backed by the best available science and we use our strong track record, global partnerships and collaborative approach to move governments, corporations, communities and individual consumers to protect animals. Please join us - let’s work together to change the world, by changing the lives of animals.

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Dr Jan examining a rescued elephant at a sanctuary.
Our investigations team and scientific experts from around the world help us build a strong evidence base for the changes we make for animals. Learn more about the roles that animal sentience and science play in giving animals better lives.
World Animal Protection submitted a 10,000 signature-petition to the Thai parliament calling for a captive tiger breeding ban
Together we are making real and lasting change happen. Our commitment and belief that every animal deserves a life worth living is moving governments and multi-national corporations to make big changes for animals.
An African grey parrot in the wild.
Canada’s wild animal ownership laws need to change. Wild animals are being poached and bred to supply the cruel and unnecessary exotic pet trade. Tell your representative you want more protection for wildlife.

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