Let’s keep wildlife, wild

Our world is a wonderous place that is full of life.

But without wild animals creating those ecosystems and thriving in their natural environments, would that still be true? Today, wild animals face so many threats including habitat destruction, urban sprawl, the global wildlife trade for frivolous things like pets and trinkets, and for use as tourist attractions. At World Animal Protection, we believe that wildlife was meant to be wild and that it’s our shared responsibility to act. Together we can protect wild animals and keep them wild.

Here are some things you can do right now!

Lotus the elephant dust bathes after a river swim.
Seeing wild animals when you travel can be the best part of a trip but it’s hard to know which attractions are harmful to animals. Our tips will show you how to make sure you aren’t unknowingly contributing to cruelty.
Pictured: A lioness and her cubs.
Long-lasting genuine change is possible, which is why we move governments and communities worldwide to protect wild animals. Learn about issues facing wild animals and how you can help keep them safe and wild.
Dolphin used for entertainment
Dolphins in captivity are suffering silently in the name of entertainment. Expedia Group calls this family fun. We call it cruelty. Add your powerful voice to our campaign urging Expedia to stop supporting dolphin cruelty.

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