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Feed 101 rescued bears

You can help to provide nourishing food to all 101 rescued bears at the Romanian bear sanctuary for two weeks.  After being exploited for entertainment purposes, many rescued bears arrive to the World Animal Protection funded sanctuary starving and in poor health. Each bear eats approximately 15 kgs of food a day and with a record number of bears, they need your support more than ever.

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Feed Jimmy, Jexi and 99 other rescued bears for two weeks

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Shop World Animal Gifts to make a difference for vulnerable animals around the world. By giving a life-changing gift to a friend or loved one, you’ll make life brighter for animals in communities, on farms, in disasters and in the wild. Every World Animal Gift is a symbolic contribution which helps animal welfare programs around the world. With over 35 gifts available for purchase, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift to celebrate or honour the people and pets in your life while helping to protect animals. Each gift comes with an eCard you can personalize and send to your special someone.

The impact of your gift

All of the gifts listed on World Animal Gifts represent the work we do to end the needless suffering of animals around the world. While your donation does not purchase an actual product or service, we use your gifts where they can have the most impact and go wherever the need for animal protection is greatest. And, because you are helping World Animal Protection move the world to protect animals, your gift is tax deductible.

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