Update: Bill C-293 passes to committee!

This action is now closed but stay tuned for more ways to help get this important bill passed into law.

We’re thrilled to see the House of Commons pass Bill C-293 to committee. The bill would create a Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness Act and require the government to take a One Health, One Welfare approach to address key pandemic drivers like the commercial wildlife trade and wildlife markets.

Thank you to Member of Parliament (MP) Nathaniel Erskine-Smith for introducing this important bill and thank you to everyone who wrote to their MP, urging them to support the passing of this bill. After going to committee, the bill will go back to the House for third reading. Watch our website and emails for updates!

Bill C-293 was narrowly passed by MPs, showing our efforts are still critical in Canada to push for legislation that can help end the wildlife trade and wildlife markets. Give now and help stop the suffering of wildlife in Canada and globally. 

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