Elephants lined up for tourist rides

Stop their suffering

The 80 elephants at Amer Fort need your help!

Amer Fort is a tourist attraction in India where sick, blind, and suffering elephants are forced to give tourists rides hour after hour. Day after day. For years and years.

Sign the petition and tell the Rajasthan Government you think it’s unacceptable that the elephants of Amer Fort are:

  • Only calves when they are torn from their mothers and forced to go through a horrific training process known as 'the crush' which breaks the animal into submission.
  • Forced to carry the weight of tourists for many hours every day, causing skin and muscle injuries.
  • Controlled with bull hooks which cause painful wounds and scarring.
  • Chained to one spot when not being forced to carry tourists, causing repetitive strain injuries and painful foot problems.

A “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for you is a lifetime of suffering for them. Born into chains, beaten and stressed to make them submissive to give rides, these elephants are forced to walk over hot concrete and difficult cobblestones that damage their feet every day. They live with painful injuries hidden behind the cloak of their decoration. When they are not giving tourists rides, these gentle giants are cruelly chained in isolated pens and unable to socialize, graze or move freely causing them immense stress.

Help keep the pressure on! While more than 100K petition signatures were handed to the Rajasthan Government in August 2023, there is still no commitment to stop exploiting these elephants.

Our moment to end cruelty is now! Sign the petition today.

Take action now!

Tell the Government of Rajasthan to ban elephant rides and end this cycle of cruelty.

A captive elephant in India

Pictured above: Elephants at Amer Fort exploited for rides and chained with no ability to move freely.