Protecting Resia’s family

Your dog is part of your family. You love them unconditionally. Now imagine, you lost your dog, your best friend because of a misguided attempt to stop the spread of rabies or stop dog overpopulation.

That’s exactly what has happened to countless families in Indonesia. The World Animal Protection teams heard heart-breaking stories of families that feared adopting another local dog only to have it killed.

Families like little Resia’s (youngest granddaughter) want to feel safe and want to know that their beloved and loyal pets Cantik, Tarzan and Belang – who keep them company at home and while they are in the fields – will be safe too.

Thanks to your support dogs no longer need to live in fear of their lives. Humane dog programs that include mass vaccination, education and spay/neuter programs mean that dogs are protected and can live happy lives with their loving families.

Families want to feel safe from rabies and want to know their beloved pets are safe too.

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