Protecting wildlife through tourism

Up to 40 percent of the global tourism industry is driven by the demand to experience wildlife. The thrill of experiencing wildlife up close are on many people’s bucket lists and sometimes the main reason for choosing a destination.

Unfortunately, most wildlife tourist attractions have detrimental impacts on the welfare of the animals and the conservation of the species in the wild. World Animal Protection is working with the travel industry to end the cruel treatment of wildlife for tourist entertainment and to promote animal-friendly tourism.

Over 220 travel companies have committed to stop selling, promoting and offering elephant rides and shows. You can join them by signing our elephant-friendly tourism pledge and we would be proud to add you to our  list of elephant-friendly travel companies. Click here for our list of elephant-friendly travel companies (PDF).

Many of these travel companies have also committed to phasing-out all wildlife entertainment from their supply chain. Take our wildlife-friendly tourism pledge and we will help you implement it!

Are you ready to stamp out cruel wildlife entertainment?

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Checklists and pledge forms for travel companies

Use our resources to help your staff identify cruel attractions.

When you're ready to take the next step to becoming animal-friendly, check out our pledge forms.

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Travellers are chaging their attitudes towards wildlife tourism

  • 84% of Canadians believe wild animals belong in the wild where they can live naturally
  • 81% of Canadians would prefer to see animals in the wild
  • 75% of Canadians think people should not make an income from keeping wild animals if the animals suffer

This study was commissioned by World Animal Protection and conducted by KANTAR PUBLIC via TNS online omnibus from 21-26 August 2014 and 12-16 January 2017 and 24-28 January 2019. Sample 37,121 across 12 countries. A total of 3,067 Canadians were surveyed. Data was weighted to be representative by age, gender and region within country.

Work with us to ensure your travel company is animal-friendly

As a leader in the travel industry, you know that traveller expectations change and businesses must adapt. As travellers become more aware of animal welfare issues, they are looking for humane and sustainable alternatives - and we can help.

If you and your company care about animal welfare and protecting wildlife, we are here to help.

We have training tools and checklists to help your staff identify cruel attractions. We can help you ensure you are following global best practices and educating your travellers to be animal-friendly too.

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