Elephant-friendly venues

These places provide a natural habitat and safe environment that meet the highest welfare requirements for their resident elephants.

Thousands of captive elephants are suffering in low welfare tourist venues and used for tourist entertainment like rides and shows. We work with our partner elephant-friendly venues to promote ethical animal tourism and help rescued elephants retire in peace.

Meet our partner elephant-friendly venues




You can find our full list of how elephant venues are performing by clicking here.

ChangChill: better for elephants, better for tourism

With our support, that of the TUI Care Foundations, and the encouragement from some of the world’s leading travel companies, ChangChill is now a place where elephants can be elephants, and tourists can have the honour of witnessing that.

What’s in a name?

A venue may call itself a sanctuary, rescue centre or retirement home for elephants, but don’t assume this means they are meeting any welfare requirements. It’s important to do some research before booking.