What's on your plate?

There are 20 times more farm animals than people in Canada but a drive through the countryside doesn't give you that impression.

Factory farming: the problem

Most Canadian farm animals spend their lives crammed into tiny pens, battery cages or crates inside windowless barns. They are fed unnatural diets, antibiotics and suffer painful mutilations like de-beaking and tooth breaking so they can be kept at huge numbers on intensive livestock operations (ILOs).

Our work

We have released a report, What's on your plate? The hidden costs of industrial animal agriculture in Canada that exposes the destructive impacts of ILOs on our health, the environment, animal welfare and rural Canada.

Download a copy of the report.

The solution

World Animal Protection works with governments and corporations to improve regulations and best practices to protect farm animals.

We encourage you to learn about how your food is raised, and demand high standards wherever you buy food.


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