Improving animal welfare on farms

Farm animals are healthier when raised humanely. We campaign to improve farm animal welfare and change the most intensive forms of farming.

We protect farm animals

Humane animal farming is better for everyone. Animals live longer, healthier and more active lives. High welfare farming can be less damaging to the environment. And farmers can earn more too. So we work with governments, farmers and consumers all over the world – campaigning for farm animals and partnering with businesses to show that farming can be sustainable and profitable.

We work with farmers to improve animal welfare and keep animals in an environment where they can behave naturally

Farm animal welfare: The benefits

Humane farms are better for animals, people and the environment:

  • Raising animals humanely can use less feed, fuel and water than intensive farming, reducing costs and pollution
  • Humane farms can create jobs, boost profits and keep local food supplies healthy
  • By farming crops and livestock, humane farms can reduce environmental damage – recycling nutrients and improving the soil
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are often reduced when animals are healthy and have good welfare.

Farm animal welfare: Our work

At World Animal Protection, we help companies and farmers to adopt farming methods without close confinement of animals, as these cause pain and distress. And we help to create conditions where animals are more able to express their natural behaviors. 

One of our largest efforts in North America is working with others to adopt cage-free practices to help the 300 million hens living lives of pain and suffering as they labor to produce one of our most basic food staples - eggs. Click here to learn more.

Reports and resources

Please note, some of the documents below were produced prior to June 2014, when we were known as the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). We are now World Animal Protection.

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Latest news about our work to protect animals on farms

November 18 2019
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