Animal protection and disaster risk reduction

World Animal Protection works together with governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and local partners, to empower communities in disaster-prone areas in preparing for the future.

The role of animal protection in disaster risk reduction

While disaster responses prioritize the immediate needs of people, effective risk reduction measures must address a community’s long-term resilience and recovery. Such activities focus on mitigating the negative effects that extend beyond the initial disaster. For people reliant on animals, this means a ‘big picture’ approach encompassing the welfare of both people and animals.

The case studies and briefings below explore the role animals play across key issues such as food security, economic development and livelihoods. 

Food security and animal welfare

World Animal Protection is proud to be a member of the Food Security Policy Group (FSPG), a coalition of 26 international development agencies. Together we have produced a report highlighting the major threats to global hunger that Canadian foreign aid needs to address along with joint recommendations for strengthening Canada’s international food security strategy. We are pleased to have the support of the coalition for increasing investments to protect livestock in disasters and encouraging more humane and sustainable livestock farming practices. 

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Thanks to the Inter-Council Network (ICN) for hosting our webinar, Achieving the SDGs: How animals and people affect each other in development and disasters.

Case studies and briefings on animal protection and disaster risk reduction 

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