Animal welfare: for higher education

We offer advanced animal welfare training for people who work with animals worldwide.

Support for professionals

Demand for better animal welfare is growing, but many people who work with animals struggle to find relevant training. So we launched our 'Advanced Concepts in Animal Welfare' (ACAW) program. It helps vets, animal scientists, university lecturers, and other professionals develop their knowledge. By practicing and passing on what they learn, ACAW-trained experts can improve the lives of millions of animals globally.

We work with 450 lecturers in 20 countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia to create relevant, effective teaching materials.

Advanced animal education: our solution

Developed with the Bristol School of Veterinary Science (UK), our 35-module ACAW teaching materials:

  • are taught in more than 850 vet schools worldwide
  • are available in Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai
  • include new modules on fish welfare, veterinary disaster management and the role of the World Veterinary Association.

The impact of our training goes far beyond the classroom. Teachers who deliver the ACAW course go on to:

  • Encourage the use of alternatives to animals at their schools
  • Set up animal welfare steering committees
  • Translate our materials into other languages
  • Work with government agencies to improve animal welfare
  • Influence welfare legislation and guidelines.

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