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Wildlife entertainment webinar


Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask

Learn about our progress moving the biggest travel companies in the world and which companies are still selling cruel attractions. Whether you plan to travel or take a stay-vacation soon, get tips on how to ensure your activities are humane and sustainable. Our campaign team will share ideas on how you can help us achieve greater change to protect animals used for entertainment.

Thank you to our speakers:

Michèle Hamers 
Wildlife Campaign Manager, Canada 

Francine Pauvif 
Mobilization Campaigner, Canada 

Melissa Matlow 
Campaign Director, Canada 

Webinar Host: Tiffany Oliveira 
Donor Relations Manager, Canada 

Guest: Colin Saravanamuttoo 
Executive Director, Canada 
Guest: Gajender K. Sharma 
India Country Director 

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