What's your 2021 resolution for animals?


There are so many ways you can make life better for animals in 2021. Here are our top 8 new year's resolutions for animals.

1. Speak up!

One of the most impactful ways you can help animals anytime of the year is to speak up and share information about their suffering. Post on Facebook, tweet about, make a TikTok video - just help get the word out so that others can learn about the issues and make better choices to create lasting change for animals. Not sure where to start? Use the share buttons on our website to share any page directly to your own social media accounts, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share our posts.

Litter of 9 puppies taking shelter in a stone wall near the vaccination drive in Kenya

2. Call on Canada and the other G20 countries to end the global wildlife trade

The global trade of wild animals is cruel and puts our health at risk from pandemics. Every day, thousands of wild animals are poached or farmed and sold into the global multi-billion-dollar wild animal trade – for food, for pets, for traditional medicine and for entertainment. Beyond the pain inflicted on animals, we must stop this trade in wild animals now to help prevent future global health crises and protect our environment for generations to come. Join us in calling on the Canadian government to support and champion a global ban on the wildlife trade.

Petition: End the wildlife trade

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3. Pledge to not buy a wild animal as a pet

Wild animals like parrots, otters and tortoises might seem like fun pets, but in reality, they are extremely difficult to care for and ultimately, as wild animals they suffer. Captivity limits their natural behaviour and places both their mental and physical well-being at risk. While kept as pets, these animals often suffer from chronic stress and poor physical health from being kept in environments that can’t give them what they need to be happy and healthy. Wild animals are not pets; they belong in their natural habitat. Make the pledge.


Pledge to never buy a wild animal as a pet

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4. Eat less meat and consume fewer animal products

We know that eating less meat is better for farm animals, the planet and our health. An ethical approach to eating meat can make a huge difference to your life and the lives of billions of factory-farmed animals; if more people started eating a little less, and higher welfare, meat each week, they could help the billions of animals who are factory farmed every year.

A piglet on a farm in Europe.

5. Provide the best care for your pet 

Most people in Canada have good access to veterinary care but the best way to keep pets healthy is by consistently meeting their needs ourselves, every day. Learn about the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare checklist to ensure your pets are happy and healthy this year.

8. Help pass stronger regulations to curb wild animal ownership in Canada

There’s a dark side to Canada’s pet laws. In most provinces, wild animals are legally allowed to be kept as pets. But wild animals suffer greatly in captivity. A life in a cage or terrarium is no comparison to a life in the wild. Until provinces change wild animal ownership laws, Canada will continue to fuel an inhumane and often illegal wildlife pet trade. Click here to take action.

Ball python held by hunter - photo by Aaron Gekoski for World Animal Protection

7. Understand grocery labels for animal products

Humane farms are better for animals, people and the environment. Raising animals humanely often leads to less feed, fuel and water use by farmers as they move away from intensive farming practices that not only harms animals, causes pollution. You can help farm animals live a better life by making informed decisions at the grocery store. Get your humane shopping guide to learn how.


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8. Donate

Around the world, millions of animals like bears are suffering every day. You have the power to help stop the cruelty and help vulnerable animals lead safe, natural lives. When you give to World Animal Protection you are helping to move governments, businesses and people to end animal cruelty and create a better world for animals. Click here to make a donation to support our work in 2021.

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Happy 2021!

He is beary thankful

Pictured; Timka is a huge bear, weighing around 400lbs.

Thanks to you, the Holiday Match goal to protect bears through the harsh winter was met.