Toronto Marlies get into the holiday spirit to protect animals


Festive e-cards available for fans and animal lovers alike

"The Toronto Marlies are proud to support World Animal Protection"

Toronto’s own Marlies hockey team is wishing animals around the world happiness and joy this holiday season, through a series of e-cards in support of World Animal Protection.

Festive holiday e-cards featuring Marlies team members and their adorable animal companions and friends are available online

“The Toronto Marlies are proud to support World Animal Protection,” said Kyle Dubas, General Manager of the Toronto Marlies. “We share their vision and hope our e-cards raise awareness this holiday season and help prevent animal cruelty.”

All proceeds from the Marlies e-cards will help support dogs around the world through programs like rabies vaccination, population management and humane education. Rabies vaccination is especially important because in some countries dogs are simply killed out of fear of the disease. World Animal Protection’s dog vaccination programs have so far saved over 300,000 dogs from cruel and unnecessary deaths.

Working with governments and local partners, World Animal Protection has set up successful vaccination clinics in Sri Lanka, Latin America, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Most recently, vaccination programs have been launched in Africa and China, where the risk of human rabies infections are among the highest.

“We are thrilled to have the support of the Marlies and their mascot Duke the Dog,” said Josey Kitson, Executive Director of World Animal Protection. “The Marlies are raising important funds and awareness that will help protect dogs from illness and death. Their support is creating better lives for dogs everywhere.”

The Toronto Marlies are among the newest celebrity ambassadors for World Animal Protection, a charity dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and inspiring people to change animals’ lives for the better. They join high-profile Canadian and international ambassadors such as comedians Carla Collins and Ricky Gervais, super-model Liisa Winkler, fashion designer David Dixon, and singer Leona Lewis.