Three ways we are working to end factory farming


We’re changing food systems for good, and this is how.

By Lynn Kavanagh, Farming Campaign Manager 

There’s still a lot of progress needed to make our farming systems more humane. 

And sometimes that progress feels impossible, especially when we think about how much still needs to change to help protect the billions of animals suffering on factory farms across the globe, every year. 

But it’s not impossible! We’re motivated to push for progress, and we’ve got a strategy to get it done! I want to share a quick summary of our strategy to get you excited about how your support is creating real impact for farm animals! 

Any good strategy starts with a goal. Here’s ours:  

Ensure farmed animals live good lives by transforming the global food system.

Text saying, our goal is to ensure farmed animals live good lives by transforming the global food system, with a picture of a pig.

We envision a world where respect for animals and nature sits at the heart of our food system, which is equitable, sustainable, resilient and capable of feeding the world. 

It’s an ambitious goal! Here are three things we are doing with help from supporters like you to get there: 

1. Changing corporate policy:  

We are pressuring leading companies to reshape the food industry, move away from factory farming and promote plant-based foods by: 

  • Implementing sustainable sourcing policies which includes: 
    • Promoting meat reduction and offering more plant-based foods to benefit animal welfare and the climate 
    • Reducing antibiotic use in farming alongside improved welfare conditions for farm animals 
  • Asking investment companies to divest from factory farming 

Our latest report on the poor welfare and suffering of end-of-life (“cull”) dairy cows highlights what becomes of these animals when they are no longer productive. We will be engaging with the industry, companies, and governments to implement needed changes to improve the welfare of these fragile animals. 

2. Changing government policy:  

We are pushing the Canadian government to implement policies that phase-out inhumane farming practices by reducing antibiotic use in farming, supporting more plant-based agriculture, and promoting increased plant-based food consumption. To move the government, we are: 

  • Undertaking people-powered advocacy campaigns (like the No Future for Factory Farming petition) to show politicians that Canadians demand change 
  • Building coalitions with scientists and other organizations to support our campaigns 
  • Commissioning groundbreaking research to demonstrate animal agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, and sharing this, along with our policy recommendations, with Ministers, Members of Parliament, and government staff. 
  • Supporting government bills that will help change our food system for the better. 

3. Starting a food revolution:  

Reducing the consumption of meat and dairy is a powerful tool for change. 

To help consumers be part of the solution, we are: 

  • Demystifying the labels often used to make products appear more humane (e.g. “farm fresh”) so they can make informed choices. Get your food label guide here. 
  • Encouraging people to reduce meat consumption with our new tool that lets you create a one-day, customized meal plan full of delicious meatless recipes. Check it out here. 

This is our strategy to ensure farm animals live good lives and transform the global food system. 

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