Outrage on World Turtle Day, as Carnival Cruise Line continues promoting cruel turtle attraction


More than 90,000 people have signed our petition demanding major cruise company stops sending tourists to Cayman Turtle Centre, Cayman Islands

"Carnival is silent, but thousands of potential passengers are calling to stop this inhumane treatment of animals."

It’s World Turtle Day and we’re calling on Carnival Cruise Line to listen to tens of thousands of people demanding the company protects turtles.  

Carnival Cruise Line is still prioritising profit over the welfare of more than 5,000 endangered sea turtles kept at the venue.  

The company sends tens of thousands of passengers to Cayman Turtle Centre (formally Cayman Turtle Farm), which was listed in our Checking out of cruelty report as one of the world’s cruellest wildlife tourist attractions.  

Visitors can handle the turtles and take selfies with them, causing the animals significant stress. Many turtles bred at Cayman Turtle Centre are sold to local restaurants for their meat, who make turtle burger and steaks for tourists.

Not taking responsibility

Carnival is one of the world’s largest cruise line brands and is influential in the travel industry, but refuses to stand up for turtle welfare. 

"Carnival is silent, but thousands of potential passengers are calling to stop this inhumane treatment of animals. The idea of posing for a ‘selfie’ with an endangered sea turtle only for it to be served up in a burger is bizarre," said Neil D’Cruze, our senior wildlife advisor.

Still suffering on World Turtle Day 

Our shocking recent videos and photos show the extent of suffering turtles are forced to endure.


When they’re not being used as tourist entertainment props, the turtles are kept in shallow, overcrowded tanks. Turtles are wild animals, not entertainers. 

Tourists visiting the centre via Carnival Cruise Line are often unaware of this outrageous animal abuse. 

Time for change 

Neil added: "The time has come for Carnival to listen to the public. This global company has the power to initiate real change at this terrible tourist trap."

Ultimately we want to see the facility operate as a genuine rehabilitation and education centre, where endangered turtles are properly protected. 

Other leading travel companies such as TripAdvisor have incorporated animal welfare into their business models. If we shout loud enough, we can move Carnival to make a change too. 

We must keep the pressure on. 

Learn more about sea turtle farming and abuse and how you can help stop it.