Mother’s Day quiz: What kind of animal mom do you have?


In celebration of Mother's Day we have a quiz for you to discover what kind of animal mom you have. Give it a try

Motherhood is a tough job no matter what species you are. While each mom has their own mothering style one thing is for certain: mother always knows best for their kids.

Try our Mother’s Day quiz below to find out what kind of animal mom you have!

Give her a gift with a lot of heart

This Mother’s Day, consider giving a one-time donation that protects vulnerable animals in lieu of a gift. Each donation you make goes towards helping animals live free from cruelty and suffering:

  • $35: provide two rescued baiting or dancing bears with vital, healing medication
  • $50: reduce the suffering of millions of pigs by influencing food companies to provide better lives for them
  • $100: go where the need is greatest by helping the most vulnerable animals
  • $250: free elephants trapped in the tourism industry in Asia from suffering

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