Meet Tu Do: her rescue just ended bear bile in Son La province, Vietnam


Tu Do, the bear, was voluntarily surrendered by her owner to a sanctuary after World Animal Protection negotiations.

Thanks to donor support, World Animal Protection, Education for Nature Vietnam, and FOUR PAWS came together with local authorities to rescue Tu Do, a female bear, so she can live out the rest of her life at a sanctuary aptly called “BEAR SANCTUARY” in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Our team met Tu Do during a monitoring trip at the property where she was being kept. World Animal Protection has been working with the government to register and microchip all bears living on farms across the country and monitoring them with inspections. This is to ensure that no new bears enter captivity for the bear bile industry.


During monitoring trips, World Animal Protection staff spoke with the man who owned Tu Do about the bear’s welfare and the bear sanctuary. Photo: World Animal Protection / Nguyen Van Tuyen.

Tu Do was kept in a tiny narrow cage for 20 years with limited sunlight. During monitoring trips, we spoke with the man who owned her about the bear’s welfare and the sanctuary. A few days after our last visit, the bear’s owner called the local ranger and said he wanted his bear to come to the sanctuary. Thanks to you, Tu Do now has a life worth living.

Tu Do was voluntarily surrendered by her owner to a sanctuary after World Animal Protection negotiated her surrender to the sanctuary for a better life.

Maya Pastakia World Animal Protection International Campaign Manager, Wildlife. Not Medicine, said: 

“Bear bile farming is illegal in Vietnam, but this hasn’t stopped the suffering of hundreds of bears who still live a torturous life in captivity in Vietnam for their bile, which is used in Traditional Asian Medicine.

“We are calling on the Vietnamese government to close all remaining legal loopholes to end the cruel and illegal practice of bear bile farming. Forever.”


Tu Do will live out the rest of her life at a sanctuary in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Photo: World Animal Protection / Nguyen Van Tuyen.

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