Inspiring Young Canadians to be Selfie Aware at the Outdoor Adventure Show


We were at the Outdoor Adventure Show this weekend, speaking with travellers and travel companies about what they can do to help protect wildlife

The three-day event started on Friday with bus-loads of students stampeding through the aisles, looking for the most interesting exhibitions. We were delighted to welcome hundreds of students stop at our booth to ask questions about the work we do for wildlife and to take the pledge to be Selfie Aware.

The Selfie Aware message really resonated with the youth audience and as you can see they had a lot of fun letting their inner-animal roam free, telling the world that they are turning their back on wild animal selfies.



It was wonderful to hear how deeply our young people care about animal welfare and understand how activities that involve touching or taking selfies with wild animals that are held in captivity can affect their well-being. We are happy to share the testimonial of one of our young supporters who was so excited after meeting us that she spent her morning recess learning about our work.

"This was the kids’ favourite display at the outdoor adventure show. She was so excited to find an organization who totally supports and shares her convictions. She has missed birthday parties, play dates, vacation day trips and school trips over the last few years in order to stay true to her beliefs. She was so excited to meet a bunch of like minded people. The kid spent her morning checking out their website for her recess. Awesome site. Can't thank @worldanimalprotectioncanada enough for being there! We are so proud of her for always being true to herself and seeing your exhibit gave her a great big confidence boost ❤"


More travel companies commit to being wildlife-friendly

Travel companies are often the main resource for travellers as they determine which attractions they will visit. These companies therefore play a fundamental role in animal welfare and wildlife preservation. We are delighted to share that three more travel companies, Adventure Coordinators, Zara Tours, and Africa4us have signed our pledge, committing to only offer wildlife-friendly trips and activities.




We were also joined at the show by some of our supportive and progressive travel companies, G Adventures, World Expeditions, The Travel Corporation and Intrepid Travel.

By working with organizations like us, travel companies can do their part to protect animals. Travellers should always do their own research but by selecting a responsible travel company, they can be sure that a tremendous amount of research and care for animal-welfare has gone into their trips.

Taking to the stage for wildlife

Our Wildlife. Not Entertainers campaign manager Melissa Matlow took to the stage to wrap up the show with a presentation on how to protect animals while travelling. We broadcasted the presentation live over Facebook to hundreds of viewers. If you missed the live broadcast worry not. You can catch a recording of the video below so that more people can have access to these simple tips that can have a profound impact on the lives of animals all over the world.

For more information about how you can do your part to protect wildlife, check out our animal friendly travel guide.