Four more bears find sanctuary


A mother bear and her three cubs have recently found peace at Libearty Sanctuary after being found in poor condition and scavenging for food in the city.

Daria, a mother bear with her newly born cubs, Tasha, Lulu, and Kyle, were found wandering around a village looking for food in Romania. The mother bear, Daria, was limping, and after a thorough health check, it was confirmed that she had suffered a severe fracture in one of her front legs. Unfortunately, the bones had healed in the wrong position meaning the fracture cannot be corrected, and Daria will have to live with her limp for the rest of her life. 

Daria’s injury made it hard to find food for herself and her cubs, so they were forced to scavenge in villages in search of food. This not only posed a danger to the bears but also raised concerns for the safety of local residents who might encounter these wild animals in search of sustenance. In search of a humane solution, the village authorities contacted Libearty Sanctuary to see if there was anything that could be done to help the family. 

Since Daria’s health was in such poor condition her chances of survival in the wild were slim if she was relocated to another area of forest. Her cubs would not be able to survive either as they had been used to searching for food with their mother in villages. 

So Libearty Sanctuary decided to take the family in permanently, where they will have a safe home and be cared for. 

Bears of Libearty Sanctuary

Daria and her cubs at Libearty Sanctuary (Photo: AMP) 

At the sanctuary, these bears will be able to live their lives in peace. They will have access to medical care and nutritious food for the rest of their lives.  

We wish Daria, Tasha, Lulu, and Kyle all the best in their new home! 

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Your kind donation can make a world of difference in ensuring the well-being of these beautiful creatures and many other bears that call Libearty Sanctuary home.  

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