Dried fruit day at Balkasar Bear Sanctuary


In the heart of the Balkasar Bear Sanctuary, a sense of anticipation hung in the air as the bears eagerly awaited the arrival of a special occasion – the much-anticipated dried fruit and nut day!

This was no ordinary day for the bears, it was a day of pure indulgence and joy.

Hazrat Ali, one of the caretakers, knows how important this day is for the bears. He carefully measured out portions of dried fruits and nuts, making sure each bear got their fair share.

Then the fun began! Hazrat Ali threw the mix over the fence for the bears to scavenge for.

What followed was nothing short of a spectacle: a flurry of activity as the bears embarked on a quest to find every morsel of tossed treat.

Hazrat Ali filling a bucket with nuts!
Hazrat Ali filling a bucket with nuts! (Photo: Madeeha Manzoor / BRC)

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