Breaking news: Turkish Airlines promises to stop transporting African grey parrots


80,000 of you signed our Turkish Airlines petition in just 11 days. The company is already listening to your powerful voices

Until we see real, lasting commitment from Turkish Airlines, our job is not done

In response to our newly-launched Wildlife. Not pets campaign which aims to end the cruel exotic pet trade, Turkish Airlines issued an immediate global embargo on the transportation of African grey parrots on any of its planes.

We met with Turkish Airlines officials on the same day it issued the embargo (February 13) and thanked them for responding urgently to our supporters’ requests, and the needs of endangered African grey parrots. 

This is a positive result for African grey parrots, but we must keep pressing forward to find solutions to address the illegal trafficking that our investigations uncovered.

Just the beginning

Though there is a long way to go, the embargo on African grey parrots is a promising first step. We’re pleased the company responded quickly to our concerns and look forward to working together to improve welfare for wildlife.

To end the suffering of hundreds of thousands of wild animals who are being used as pets, we need global, influential companies like Turkish Airlines to take meaningful action to protect them.

We will continue engaging positively with Turkish Airlines. We’ll impress upon the company how critical it is that change must be made on the ground to ensure that traffickers can’t smuggle African grey parrots and other illegally poached wildlife on its planes.

Poached African grey parrots - photo credit Lwiro sanctuary

Our work continues

We’ll be meeting with Turkish Airlines again in a few weeks at its headquarters in Istanbul. Thank you so much for signing our petition; we’ll be showing the company just how many of you care. 

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Header image: Jurgen and Christine Sohns / Getty Images

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