The bears of Libearty sanctuary


Our partner bear sanctuary in Romania provides 122 formerly abused bears with a peaceful life. Get to know the bears that call this place home.

The Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești, run by our partners Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP), was established in 2005 as a refuge for abused bears. 

Before arriving at this haven, many of the bears have never had the chance to climb a tree, to rest in the shade on a hot summer day, or to enjoy a dip in a freshwater pond – all the things a wild bear loves to do. Many of them were kept in tiny cages as tourist attractions, entertaining people for profit. 

Now, these rescued bears get to enjoy 69-hectares (~170 acres) of oak forest, with trees where the bears can climb, freshwater pools where they can splash, proper nutritional food and the necessary medical care they require. They get to display their natural behaviours and let their individual personalities shine.  

Catch a glimpse into the day in a life of these rescued bears by watching this live feed from Libearty... if you’re lucky, you’ll catch some bears splashing around in a pond! 💦 

Currently, there are 122 bears formerly abused bears now living a peaceful life at Libearty Sanctuary.

These bears include:

A bear relaxing in a sanctuary


Halewood was rescued from a zoo after spending 11 years behind bars in a tiny cage. She now enjoys the expansive grounds of the sanctuary and the company of other bears.

A bear in sanctuary


Along with his brothers, Lucas and Koda, these three bears spent 7 years behind the rusty bars of a zoo cage. All three brothers were rescued, and now spend their days wrestling and exploring the sanctuary.



Roxana was rescued from a life of captivity at a zoo. She was bullied by the other bears, so she was kept in isolation. She now is able to explore, play, and forage in the peaceful forest of the sanctuary.



Bolik endured a tragic 15-year confinement in a tiny cage at a tourist resort in the Ukraine. He had never seen another bear, or even stepped on grass, before his rescue. He is now living the dream at Libearty sanctuary.

Maxie har fået nyt mod på livet under de beskyttede forhold i bjørnereservatet Libearty i Rumænien. Foto: AMP


Maxie arrived at the sanctuary after enduring weeks of hunger and abuse. She was severely underweight, weak, and dehydrated. Now, she is happy and healthy, climbing trees and socializing with other bears.

A bear in a sanctuary


Marta was rescued after spending more than 38 years in captivity. Despite her rough start, Marta adapted quickly to her new home at the sanctuary. She is finally enjoying her new life with the company of her bear friends.