Amazing moms from the animal kingdom


In celebration of Mother's Day, we’re highlighting and celebrating some other mothers from the animal kingdom

Animal moms work really hard and often sacrifice their own needs, wants, and wellbeing to provide for and protect their young.

Elephants at a tourist venue in Laos

Not a small job

Of all land animals, elephants give birth to the largest babies – with newborn calves weighing in at over 100kg. This is even more remarkable when you consider that these mums carry their babies for 22 months! 

Stay close, mama!

The bond between an orangutan mother and her young is one of the strongest in nature. For the first four months, contact between mother and infant is never broken. Orangutans, especially females, remain highly attached to their mothers well into maturity.

Mother knows best

Pigs are not only highly intelligent, they also make great moms - they even recognise their own piglets’ calls from others'! Newborn piglets also learn their moms' voices, and choose a favourite teat to feed from, all within hours of being born. Piglets are so attached to their mothers they scream in distress when they’re separated from them.

We are family

African grey parrots know that raising a baby is no joke - that's why they do it together. When the eggs hatch, the male helps raise the chicks together with mom. In the wild, these birds are highly social and nest in large groups, containing thousands of individuals, comprising of small family groups.

Mama bear

Bears are renowned for being great, protective moms. Their youngsters are born blind, hairless and vulnerable - and often when the mother bear is hibernating. The cubs will stay in the den and close to their mom to keep warm, and by the time hibernation ends they will be furrier, bigger and full of energy!

The perfect gift

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Celebrating World Vet Day

Our Veterinary Programe Manager, Rosangela Ribeiro, with the rescued dog “Laminha”

World Veterinary Day, on April 27, was created to highlight the lifesaving work performed by vets around the world.