5 animal stories that will make your day


We all need some good news to brighten our day sometimes and this is one of those times

At World Animal Protection, our work for animals never stops. Sometimes it’s important to be reminded of some of the happier tales and accomplishments you helped us achieve for animals.

Here are some animal stories that will hopefully make you smile.

1. Jahn and Chok

After thirty years of being apart and suffering for wildlife entertainment in Thailand, Jahn and Chok were reunited at the venue Following Giants, intertwining their trunks when they saw each other.

Following Giants formerly gave elephant rides and offered direct contact interactions such as bathing and feeding, but after working with World Animal Protection, it is now observation-only and lets the elephants lead the way. Jahn and Chok now live on the property with fellow elephant Sow and visitors can watch them simply be elephants from afar.

2. Dasha and Katia

Dasha and Katia (previously Masha and Lora; names were changed as part of their freedom journey), sister bears, were abused and forced to perform in a Ukrainian circus. After years of living in filthy cages so small they could barely turn around, able to smell each other but unable to interact, SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue and The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation (LAEO) rescued both Dasha and Katia in 2019. They now reside at Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Romania—run by The Millions of Friends Associated (AMP) and supported by World Animal Protection—with 69 acres of lush land, swimming pools, and other bears to interact with.

3. Sammy and Enzo

In July of 2018, we were able to rescue six wild cats living and being sold as pets in New York. Thanks to supporters like you, we provided each of the cats' urgent veterinary care for issues such as malnutrition and bone fractures. All of the animals rescued were severely malnourished, while one male baby serval needed emergency fluids to survive. After our rescue, we were able to find them permanent homes at two specialized sanctuaries where they have room to roam and can fulfill their wild instincts like running, playing, and jumping.

Sammy and Enzo, the two youngest servals, live at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas and have recovered from their injuries.

4. Kainat

Kainat, a Himalayan brown bear, was used for bear-baiting and dancing for about five years. She was kept without shelter and held with two ropes before she was finally surrendered to the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) in November 2017.

Now she gets to live out her days in peace.

5. Zach

Zach, an Asian elephant, was forced to work in the cruel logging industry for approximately 16 years. Because of your generosity, we were able to support 450 acres of land for Elephant Valley Thailand, who cares for Zach and 34 other elephants where they can freely roam.

Thank you for giving these animals the gift of freedom. While these stories are heartwarming, we can only continue our work with your support, every dollar counts. 

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Thank you for giving these animals the gift of freedom. We can only continue our work with your support.

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