Feed these rescued bears who are facing starvation due to COVID-19

With the downturn in visitors to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, Hansel, Gretel, Myra and her twins are in of need nutritious food to see them through the next year.

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, our initial goal of feeding these five bears for the rest of 2020 has been achieved! Will you help reach our new goal of securing one more month of nutrition and care for these bears?


These bears were rescued from a life of suffering and now face a new threat due to the pandemic. Don’t let these once abused bears go hungry. Your gift today will help feed these bears and keep them healthy and strong during this unprecedented time.

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For only $33 you can provide nutritious food to Hansel, Gretel, Myra and her twins for one day.

Five bears rescued from a life of cruelty, are counting on you to feed them during COVID-19

Born in a zoo in 2004, Hansel and Gretel spent the first two years of their life locked up in tiny cages, so small they couldn’t rollover much less behave naturally. They spent most of their long days cooped up in a dark, filthy room – far away from nature.

Beer in kooi

Thanks to our local partner Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) and animal lovers like you, they were brought to the same sanctuary in August 2006 that their late father spent his remaining days in. Hansel and Gretel arrived at the sanctuary in poor condition. They were underfed, extremely weak and they both had to be constantly supervised by the staff, until they put on weight. Eventually in March 2007, they were released into the main forest enclosure.

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After years of street performing, Myra is free at last

Today, they can be seen sitting back to back in the sunshine, rolling in the grass and playing with their new friends like Myra. Sadly, Myra’s story is like so many other bears at the sanctuary. Myra was  forced to beg for food from tourists, along with her two 5-month old cubs, Arden and Enoch. Spotted in the Saint Ana Lake area, they were viewed as a nuisance and potentially dangerous, so the cubs were destined to be shot and the mother relocated to another part of the country.

When not performing in the circus, Katia and Dasha were kept in small, dirty cages, not permitted to socialize with each other or behave naturally.

Luckily, AMP stepped in and saved the family. In July 2019, they were transported to their new home at the sanctuary and settled in straight away. They love the bread and honey treats the sanctuary staff left out for them and often go to cool down in the pool. It took no time for the cubs to be spotted climbing trees and having long naps in the shade, while Myra gets along famously with a more matured Hansel and Gretel.

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“We cannot let the bears starve. We rescued them from cages where they were very poorly fed so now we have a commitment” - Victor Watkins, global wildlife advisor

Life at the sanctuary

For all these bears, getting used to the spacious sanctuary takes time. Many of them had never experienced nature before and didn’t know what grass or trees were until they were released into their enclosure. At first, all the new sights and smells were unsettling for them, but soon they were splashing in the pool and rolling around in the mud. “It was such a special and emotional moment when they met” Paula Ciotlos, AMP’s Vice President said. “They cuddled and jumped on each other straight away!”.

As these newly rescued bears get acquainted with each other and adjust to their new home, feeding them during a pandemic is a top priority for their overall physical and mental health. At the Libearty Sanctuary, bears receive expert care and are fed a mixed diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and other special treats like frozen blocks made with honey and sweet pastries. Bears do love their food and need approximately 15 kgs of nourishing food a day! As you can imagine, it costs a lot to feed one bear (about $2,392 per year) to ensure they stay healthy, strong and happy. However, with COVID-19 affecting tourism, the sanctuary is experiencing a financial short fall and won’t have enough to feed these bears.

Donate to help Hansel, Gretel, Myra and other rescued bears

Two bears play fighting in the pond in their enclosure at the Romanian Bear Sanctuary.

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Please make a gift to help us secure one more month of nutrition and care for these bears. Once the fundraiser is over, you’ll receive a special bear certificate.