Get noisy for animals!

The federal election is our
opportunity for action.

Thanks for your interest in supporting better animal welfare laws and protections. With a federal election campaign underway and Canadian voters head to the polls on September 20th, now is the best opportunity to secure commitments for animals from the candidates and their parties who want to represent you in the next Canadian parliament.

Animal welfare should be a non-partisan issue and we have found champions for animals in all parties. Hear what Members of Parliament (MPs) across different parties have said about the importance of hearing from constituents and the power you have in influencing change:


Toolkit and FAQ

Learn everything you need for a successful meeting!


Platform proposals for federal parties

Once you have booked a meeting with your MP, send them these platform proposals.

The wildlife trade

Factory farming and food systems


Webinar recording



Watch our virtual Parliamentary reception: Preventing the next pandemic

In March 2021, World Animal Protection hosted a virtual parliamentary reception to demonstrate the strong scientific evidence and Canadian and MP support for curbing the commercial wildlife trade.

The event featured leading infectious disease experts and demonstrated the strong scientific evidence and support from the public and MPs across Canada’s four main national political parties for controlling the wildlife trade. Click below to watch:


Report back form

Working together is critical in achieving our goal. As you engage with your MP, we are asking you to let us know about your progress and the response from your MP and their office.

Use our form below to let us know.

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