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Show your support for wild animals!

Francine, Mobilization Campaigner, headshot

By Francine Pauvif
Mobilization Campaigner 

The Jane Goodall Act is working to protect over 800 species including great apes, elephants, tigers, and monkeys, from being taken away from their natural habitats or bred to live in unnatural places. Additionally, the Jane Goodall Act works to make sure that animals can only be held in captivity when it benefits them, not for entertainment purposes.

In other words, the Jane Goodall Act works to ensure that wildlife continue to live a wild life in their natural habitats!  

Below, you can find some crafts you can do to show your support for wildlife ranging from colouring pages to puzzles. In addition to helping promote the protection of wildlife. As a bonus, each project serves as skill-building activity as well! 

Craft 1: Colouring Page

Did you know that the elephant is the world’s largest land animal? Be a part of an action that can make a difference as large as the elephant by using your colouring skills! Our colouring page includes the elephant, which would be protected by the Jane Goodall Act if it passes.

Your art can show support for elephants staying in the wild rather than in captivity.  

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A colouring page with two elephants

Wildlife deserve a wild life

Lions use their roar to be heard. For this activity, we want you to use your roar, your voice!

Craft 2: Letter to Leaders

In this activity, you will be writing a letter to our Canadian leaders letting them know how much you love wildlife like elephants and lions, and yes, even lizards!

Tell our leaders how you wish that these animals remain protected in the wild.

Here are some things you can include in the letter:  

  • Address your letter to “Canadian Leaders”   
  • Your favourite animal! Mention what wild animals you like and why. You can even add a fun fact or two about them.  
  • Highlight how much you love wild animals!  
  • Include the Jane Goodall Act and mention how it can help save wildlife by letting them live in their natural habitats instead of in captivity.  
  • Show off your artistic skills, include a drawing on your letter.  

Need some inspiration? Check out the sample letter!

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A sample letter

Craft 3: Wildlife Puzzle

Each wild animal is like a puzzle piece in our environment. Whenever one is missing, the whole picture is not complete. Likewise, whenever an animal goes extinct or gets taken away from their home, a piece of our environment goes missing, disrupting ecosystems.

The Jane Goodall Act works to ensure that animals that belong in the wild stay in the wild, making sure that the puzzle is missing fewer pieces.  

Items needed:  

  • rectangular piece of cardboard (you can cut the flap of a cardboard delivery box for this!) 
  • scissors  
  • something to colour with (I.e markers, crayons, pencil crayons) 

*Adult supervision required 

Step 1

A rectangular piece of cardboard

Find a piece of cardboard and make sure that it’s cut into a rectangle.

Step 2

A piece of cardboard with drawings on it

Use your preferred colouring materials to draw your favourite wild animals on the piece of cardboard! You can even add a message in the middle, letting everyone know how much you love animals!

Step 3

Pieces of cut up coloured cardboard

Cut grooves into the cardboard - it doesn’t need to be perfect - just make sure that each piece is unique so you can put it back together later. You can make the pieces as big or small as you’d like. Keep in mind, the smaller the pieces, the harder the puzzle will be! 

Step 4

Pieces of a puzzle put together

It’s time to do your puzzle! When you’re done, you can save the pieces in a reusable bag such as a plastic bag or paper bag.


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