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How to celebrate World Ocean Day


World Ocean Day is a day to celebrate our blue planet and advocate for collective actions for a healthy ocean.

What is World Ocean Day? 

World Ocean Day, celebrated every year on June 8th, is a global event to honour the world’s oceans. It is a day of collective action and a rallying call to protect and restore our shared blue planet.   

Here are three easy ways to celebrate World Ocean Day this year: 

1. Reduce plastic pollution ♻️ 

Our oceans are being choked with plastic pollution, but you can help. Start by reducing your own plastic consumption by swapping for reusable bags, bottles, coffee cups and straws. When you’re ready to take it further, participate in local beach cleanups. Every small action contributes to a big impact.   

Learn more about reducing plastic pollution. 

Plastic pollution in the ocean

2. Learn about fish! 🐠🐟  

Deepen your appreciation for the ocean by learning more about its inhabitants. Did you know that fish like to play? Fish are fascinating animals and play important roles in our marine ecosystems.  

Discover some fascinating facts about fish and then test yourself with our fish quiz

Fish swimming in the water

3. Support whale heritage sites 🐋 

Thousands of whales and dolphins are poached from the wild or bred in captivity to supply the tourist entertainment industry, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Whale Heritage Sites are a global accreditation scheme that recognizes venues that offer and promote responsible and sustainable wild whale and dolphin watching. These sites support the travel industry in phasing out traditional forms of cruel wild animal entertainment by offering them a path to protect marine wildlife and support sustainable practices.   

Find out more about whale heritage sites. 

Algoa Bay i Sydafrika er udnævnt til Whale Heritage Site

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