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With you, World Animal Protection is helping all life thrive

The change we make for animals is backed by the best available science. We use our strong track record, global partnerships, and collaborative approach to move governments, corporations, communities, and individual consumers to protect animals. 

With your support, we are making real and lasting change happen. Our commitment and belief that every animal deserves a life worth living is moving governments and multi-national corporations to make big changes for animals. 

Together, we can change the world by changing the lives of animals. One by one. 

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A three-toed in the wild.
A group of piglets at a high welfare farm

Learn more about the science of animal protection

Our scientific experts from around the world help us build a strong evidence base for the changes we make for animals. Science shows that animals are sentient beings, meaning they think and feel. 

Our views are rooted in our extensive research and we are the only Animal Welfare NGO to be awarded the UN’s general consultative status. This gives us the credibility and influence to bring about solutions that change opinions and actions of the world’s most influential entities.  

Our most important role though is to help people understand more about the inner lives of animals and how our everyday actions have an impact.

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A piglet in the arms of a World Animal Protection staff

How we use our research to make change?

Through research, reporting and campaigns we show the true interconnected impact of protecting animals. Our reports show how protecting animals also protects our environment, public health and our food system. For example, our research into roadside zoos across Ontario and our report, Nothing new at the zoo, resulted in concrete action: the Ontario PAWS inspectorate has filed charges against unsafe zoos.  

Our report, Milking the cow: the fate of Canadian cull dairy cows, sheds light on the distressing conditions  endured by these vulnerable animals. This report serves as a powerful tool in advocating for animals and driving positive change in the industry. 

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World Animal Protection staff outside of PetSmart

By the numbers

26k Our Plan Meatless Better campaign in Canada has already added more than 26,000 meatless meals and prevented more than 33,000 kg of CO2.
1.2k Last year 1,200 doctors in China signed on to our wildlife free Traditional Medicine initiative.
62 Our supporters helped us feed and care for 62 elephants at sanctuaries and partner venues during COVID.

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Explore how your choices can impact animals, people, and the planet. 

A cow in a field at sunset

Small changes to your diet can make a big impact. By simply making one day a week plant-based, you can make a difference for animals, your budget, your health, and the planet.

A beluga whale in the wild

People everywhere want to see wildlife. It’s natural. What’s not natural is the demand to be close to wild animals means they are held captive and made to perform.

A jaguar in the wild

Our world is changing. The climate crisis means more wildfires, floods, and droughts that could destroy habitats, kill millions of animals, and displace millions of people. But with small actions today, we can make a difference together.