You can end the pain and suffering

World Animal Protection is working tirelessly to help protect innocent animals from misery and suffering. These vulnerable, young animals need you to protect them. For just $20 you can give a voice to the voiceless and make a world of difference for animals in need. 

They need your help.

Around the world many young animals are traumatized before their life has barely begun. You can help stop the abuse by helping them lead safe, natural lives. Help them before it's too late by giving $20 a month. Donate now.

“You have the power to help change animals’ lives for the better. By becoming an Animal Protector, you, alongside other like-minded individuals, can help stop cruelty and be part of a global movement to protect animals.”


– Colin Saravanamuttoo, Executive Director, World Animal Protection Canada

Our impact

With offices in 14 countries around the globe, World Animal Protection helps end the suffering of animals in communities, after disasters, on farms and in the wild. With the help of people like you, we've protected the lives of millions of animals over five decades. Help us protect the lives of countless more by becoming an Animal Protector. Donate now.

Our work

Around the world millions of animals are suffering every day. Together, we can help stop animal cruelty by:

  • Directly helping at least 5 million animals affected by disasters by 2020
  • Directly helping at least 100,000 wild animals in captivity by 2020
  • Creating better lives for at least 50 million dogs worldwide by 2020

Accountable to you

More than half of our operating income comes from donors like you. We are grateful for your support and promise transparency in how we spend your dollars. We strive to ensure every dollar we spend helps build strong global animal protection programs and a healthy future for the world's animals. Partner with us to protect the animals of the world. Become a monthly donor now.

How we use your funds

With your support, we can be there for all of the animals currently living in fear and experiencing suffering. Help save lives. Donate now.

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