Ways to leave a legacy

A gift in your will

Reap tax savings by giving World Animal Protection a percentage of your estate, a lump sum, or another asset, through your legal will.


Designating World Animal Protection as the beneficiary of your registered plan is meaningful alternative to a cash gift.

A gift of life insurance

When you give a gift of life insurance, you can bring about significant tax savings, either immediately or in the future. It is as simple as transferring ownership of an existing policy, donating a new policy, or donating the proceeds of the life insurance to protect animals worldwide.

A gift of appreciated stocks

Benefit from both an exemption on capital gains tax, and greater tax saving than donating the proceeds of liquefied stocks.

A donation of appreciated stock to World Animal Protection can deliver a tax credit greater than the value of your original investment.

Securities options and tax implications

  Sell securities, then gift cash Gift securities in kind
Gift received by charity (cash or in kind) $100 000 $100 000
Taxable capital gain (50% if sold; 25% if gifted) $50 000 $25 000
Tax re gift: (50%) $25 000 $12 500
Donation tax credit (50%) $50 000 $50 000
Net tax savings after gift** $25 000 $37 500
Net after-tax asset value given up $75 000 $62 500

Tax savings realized by gifting securities in kind

  $12 500

Note: Gifts of appreciated securities may give rise to alternative minimum tax.
**Tax savings can be used to offset the tax applied to other forms of income in the year.

Need more information? Please call Jackie Mersereau at 416 369 0044 x122 or email mylegacy@worldanimalprotection.ca.

"As I began to plan for retirement, I simultaneously began to reflect upon estate planning to parlay the efforts I have been involved with throughout my life. One’s legacy can be a powerful tool to contribute to a world now and in the future that is kinder to animals, and one that is working to undo or end cruel and exploitative practises. Leaving a gift to World Animal Protection in my will is a powerful way to cast my vote for the type of world I want to see." -- Michael Quinn, Toronto, World Animal Guardian

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